Big Data technology

Big Data processing and storage
Processing and storage
As business data grows the need for processing a huge amount of information increases. Big Data is your key to working with any data arrays.
Neural networks and automation
Advertise with the selection of the target audience with the help of neural networks, chat bots and automation of business processes
Data Sets
Do you need data for market research, your Big Data projects or machine learning? We will collect them for you!
Big data in marketing
We predict demand, pricing and other subtleties of an advertising campaign based on your competitors.

What is Big Data?

What is Big Data or, to be more precise, processing and storing big data? This is the future of your business. If you have just started your own business or decided that you need to increase efficiency and move to a new level of work with information, then we can provide you with the necessary resources. Big data processing, analysis and storage services are a must-have solution.

As business grows, it constantly receives new information (customers, data, history, details, bookkeeping, etc.). Soon it becomes obvious that the old methods of processing a new data set are not enough. You are lost in the data, and the information becomes chaos for you. But rational work with data is the key to the effectiveness of any project and order.

Big Data Sets

Often, companies involved in the analysis of large data face the difficulty of collecting the necessary amount of data or have problems with the poor quality of existing datasets. At the same time, the data collection services offered by individuals in the Internet are often of bad quality or imitations obtained using simple software. There are no guarantees of data quality and long-term partnerships in this case is out of the question.

Our experts having extensive experience in collecting and processing large databases and datasets are ready to collect high-quality data for you in the format you need. We are ready to work with your data, to process, convert and collect data for you by legal means in accordance with your requirements.

Data Science

Currently, the world is on the verge of a new technological revolution. To gain business benefits, it is no longer enough to deploy traditional IT solutions whose purpose is to collect, process and store data. There is need for effective decision support tools.

Our business analysts and Data Science experts are ready to offer ways to increase the efficiency of your business and achieve new competitive advantages based on machine learning - new generation algorithms that solve problems that are not subject to traditional deterministic algorithms.

Analysis and automatic conclusions based on available data, recommendation systems, time series prediction, machine processing of natural texts, image analysis - this is just an incomplete list of tasks our Data Science specialists are able to complete.

Big Data Tools

For analyzing, processing and storing large amounts of data you need the right software. Big Data Tools is the technical equipment that allows you to work with Big Data. This includes servers that store data and programs for data analysis.

Large amounts of data are no longer unusual or even an exceptional. We need to use it with maximum efficiency: advertising with the selection of the target audience using neural networks, automation, creating sites based on Big Data, etc. This is the only way to bring your business to a higher level.

At the same time, BigData solutions from leading global brands, such as SAP BI, are known for the high complexity and high cost of implementation and support.

Our specialists have extensive experience in creating low-cost and efficient data storage solutions and OLAP systems based on Big Query, ElasticSearch and InfluxDB.

Big Data solutions for yor business