What is Big Data Key Ads?

A comprehensive impact on your target audience to achieve the best result.
Minimizing your spending on average customer attraction
The wide range of tools to increase your sales: from traditional to innovative.

SEO website promotion

We will optimize an internal and external search engine. We will ensure the constant growth of traffic. Climb with the Big Data Key to business top.

Maintenance from 260 € per month.

TOP-10 website promotion
to the first page
in search
+250% increase
in site visitors
+100% increase in calls
and requests

Contextual advertising

We will prepare a semantic core for your site. Perform fine-tuning of contextual advertising on key requests. Maximum of customers for the minimum cost per click is out fundamental focus.

from 260 € per month.

Google Ads:
from 260 € per month.

Яндекс.директ + Google Ads: from 385 € per month.

+50% increase in clickability
+60% increase in clickability
site average
+60% price drop
average click

Big Data Marketing

We will analyze user profiles in social networks and identify the influencers. We identify consumer preferences and predict product needs. Much more is possible with the help of Big Data technologies.

From 2 600 €

and processing
of services